Adv. Smeeksha Pandey

Senior Editor

Smeeksha Pandey is a passionate litigator and a dedicated teacher. Her approach towards the needs of the society has encouraged her to help people through the route of law and strengthening the roots of the students by imparting knowledge to them.

Ma’am has completed her higher education from Hidayatullah National Law University with flying colours.

She has lately been associated with various high profile, well known advocates and also has gained a vast pool of knowledge during the term of her internships in various reputed law firms.

She has an experience in civil law, criminal law, mediation and negotiation. She has done her masters in IPR. Her interest in socio legal issues can be seen by the fact that she has over 20 research papers published in her name.

Ma’am has a broad experience of matters related to Civil Litigation, majorly getting involved in suits related maintenance, property and all sorts of family matters.

Besides her passion for law, she also has an ecstatic interest in fine arts, literature and psychology.