Legal Article Writing Training Program by Indian Legal Solution

Legal Article Writing Training Program with Money Back Guarantee.

About Us:  is a top-ranked Law blog in India. We are a group of lawyers and law students across India providing a unique platform for law student to represent their talents in the field of law. Since 2017, we are providing different free opportunities to law students. Our blog attracts 1M+ search impressions on Google. We provide free publication of research papers in our two journals, ILSJCCL & ILSIJLM. We’re recognized by StartupIndia, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, Government of India [DPIIT35711]

About this Training Program:

Legal writing is the most essential skill which every lawyer should possess. This starts back in the college itself where law students try to write small articles and get them published. This skill helps them in their professional career when they start writing their views about different socio-legal matters and get them published. They help them in their profile building and an image that can stand out in the crowd.

This training cum certificate program focuses on imparting you practical knowledge about how to write a legal article and to get it published.

Mode of Training:

We won’t deliver lectures only, rather will guide you step by step on how to write a legal article. Starting with a basic introduction to reviewing and checking your progress daily and giving your article a formal shape, at the end of the week, you will be having a ready-to-publish article with you.

Not only writing skills, but we will also guide you through how to write an article that can be easily ranked on top of any search engines and can have a better readability score, and how to find appropriate keywords for your article. (Technical Knowledge as well).

We will provide a one-to-one focus on every participant so that you can write an article on your own.

Features/Mode of Training:

  • Live Lecture
  • Recorded Lecture
  • Guest Lecture
  • Reading materials
  • One to one guide (Personal assistance)
  • Doubt clearance
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO Optimiztaion (How to rank your article on search engine)
  • How to increase Readiablity score
  • Plagiarism report of the article from Turnitin
  • Publication of Article
  • Certificate


Mr Raghvendra Kumar is the Founder of & Publisher at ILSIJLM (ISSN:2582-3655) & ILSJCCL (ISSN: 2581-8465)

He has trained (1000+) students to write an article (Still Training…) He is the face behind all internship programs of since 2017. He has built a blog with a 1M+/Month impression in just three years.

Who can pursue this course?

Law students, Lawyers, Advocates, Any working professional from any field can pursue this program if they are interested to learn article writing.


Rs 999 only (With Money Back Guarantee)*PaymentRegistration

Duration: 10- 30 Days

Date: 1st October 2021 Onwards


+91 7903775870 (WhatsApp)

*Money back guarantee is valid for starting two days. In starting two days, if you won’t find the training helpful, we will refund your money (90%)

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