ONE MONTH CERTIFICATE COURSE ON “Advanced Criminal Litigation and Procedure (Part-I)”. This course is appropriate for both criminal law beginners and law students. If you’ve been studying criminal law for 3-5 years, you already know what we’ll cover in this course. If you haven’t already been through this arduous period, this course will make your job simpler, quicker, and more enjoyable. This course is appropriate for both criminal law beginners and law students. 

In other words, when you first enter criminal litigation practise on your own or begin to train under a senior, this will make the first one to three years of struggle much easier. This course allows you to learn quickly, which is essential for staying ahead of your peers.

This course would also be useful if you are not a lawyer but often deal with criminal cases as part of your job or want to get a deeper understanding of your own personal case.


This course would be of tremendous benefit to Every Law Students, Judicial Service Aspirants, NET/JRF Aspirants, Advocates, and Research Scholars, new joinery in Law Firms and fresh Litigators or anybody interested in studying and making career in the Public International Law.


  • Get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by legal experts.
  • Examples and illustrations of lawsuits and analysis will also be the basic part of the training.
  • Lessons will be taught by our legal expert having experience in teaching, litigation and research.
  • You will get personal attention and coaching from the trainer, and get individual feedback on the quality of work you produce.
  • Presentation Skills: Oral Expression and Advance software for presentation.


  • E-Research Material: You will be sent soft copies of the study material templates alongside.
  • Live Streaming Classes: The Legal Specialist will administer a live video based on an online lesson. In this lesson, you can make comments and get personal input. [In case anybody missed any of the seminars, documentation of the sessions would be available.
  • Live Uncertainty Clearing: You can tell the professional questions; even have your query cleared live.
  • On a regular basis, tasks will be provided.


  • General principles of criminal liability – Actus reus and mens rea, individual and group liability and constructive liability (Section 1-105 & Section 511)
  • Stages of crime and inchoate crimes – Abetment, criminal conspiracy and attempt (Section 106-130) (Section 141-160)
  • Giving False evidence (Section 191-229)
  • Bribery & PC Act (Section 171)
  • Offences Affecting Life (Section 299-305)
  • Attempt, Abetment & miscarriage (Section 306-318)
  • Hurt, grievous Hurt, Restraint & Confinement, force & Assault (Section 319-358)
  • Kidnapping & Abduction (Section 359-374)
  • Sexual Offences & POCSO (Section 375-377)
  • Theft, extortion, dacoity (Section 378-404)
  • Mischief, forgery, breach of trust, Cheating & trespass (Section 405-477)
  • Obscenity, Blasphemy (Section 292-298)
  • Defamation, Criminal intimidation, domestic violence & Bigamy (Section 495-511)
  • Drafting Legal Notice & Complainant under 138 of NI Act, complaint to the magistrate under section 200 of CrPC & FIR 
  • Drafting Defamation suit, divorce petition, and Bail application


Rahul Tiwari is a young, strategic and responsive academician and a lawyer who is an expert in the legal field having more than 2 years of experience in litigation and research. He completed his B.A.-LLB (Hons.) from New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune and also holds a Master’s in Cyber Laws.  He has completed his diploma in Taxation Law. He specializes in laws related to Criminal & Corporate Litigation. Rahul Tiwari has the membership in New Delhi Bar association and Gurugram Bar Association. Mr. Tiwari has presented 28 Research Papers in reputed national and international journals.  Spoken as a guest speaker in 25 webinars on various legal topics. He has been invited as a RESOURCE PERSON to speak in National Conference jointly organized by National law University, Delhi and Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) Delhi. Adding to his credit he has judged many national moot court competitions organized by prestigious universities across India. He is a well-recognized name in the legal academic fraternity.

No. of the Sessions: – 15 Classes

Date of commencement– 28th May, 2021

Platform– Google Meet

Timings for classes– 4-6 PM (Every weekend)


  • 15 live classes of Minimum 30 hours,
  • 32 self-made modules.
  •  200+ Reportable judgements (1500+ pages approximately
  • Internship opportunity to top 20 students
  • Law Firm Certified Course certificate to all on the completion 


Price: – Rs. 150/- (Inclusive of GST)

Register Here,

Payment details – 9166194875 (Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe)

For any Queries, Contact: – +91 9166194875

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