Call for Blogs by LEXAUXILIUM.COM

Theme: – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

January 2021 Edition

About the Blog

The editorial board of LEXAUXILIUM.COM invites blog posts from legal practitioners, academicians, research fellows, undergraduate and postgraduate law students. The blog is aimed to build a holistic environment for the readers.

General Submission Guidelines

(A). Formatting Guidelines:

  1. Language: – All the submissions will be accepted only in the English language.
  2. Co-authorship up to two authors is permitted.
  3. Font Style: –Times New Roman,
  4. Font Size: –
  1. Heading: – 14
  2. Sub-Heading and Main Body: –12
  1. Line spacing-1.5
  2. Footnotes: – No footnotes shall be inserted into the manuscript, only hyperlinks have to be created for citing the sources.
  3. Citation: – Blue Book 20th Edition

(B). Submission Process:

  1. The Editorial Board at LEXAUXILIUM.COM has a strict double-blind review process.
  2. At the outset, the authors are requested to send manuscripts which are original and unpublished. In case plagiarism is detected beyond the permissible limit, the Editorial Board has the right to reject the submission. Due credit must be given, to the best of the authors’ abilities, to all who have ideated the content the authors have submitted.
  3. All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract of preferably 100–150 words, and at no time more than 200 words, briefly explaining the crux of the submission/the research question/focus of commentary or analysis and if possible, the structure of the submission.
  4. The manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number, and email for future reference. It should be noted that the authors should not put their name anywhere in the main manuscript. Such Cover Letter should also include an undertaking specifying that the submission is the original work of the author(s), the submission has not been submitted, is not under review, or consideration elsewhere.
  6. The manuscripts must be emailed to The title of the mail should be “Submissions for the Lex Auxilium Blog on ADR (January Edition)”.

(C). Length of the Blogs: –

Submissions should be within 1000-1500 words. Submissions with word limits greater than 1500 words can be considered subject to the approval of the editorial board and the quality of the manuscript.

(D). Last Date for Submission of Blog: – 20th January, 2021 (The concerned author will be intimated about the selection of the blog for publication by our editorial board by 25th January, 2021).

(E). Copyright: –

The copyright over the manuscripts vest with the LEXAUXILIUM.COM, however, all the moral rights vest with the author. At no time we will use the submission for commercial use without notice to the author(s) or without attributing to them.

(G). Queries

Any queries pertaining to the submissions are to be sent to

**The manuscripts not abiding to the above guidelines are liable to be rejected directly without further assessment.

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