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Remember the days when the most valuable facts of deciding a case was known to be a firearm at a scene of a crime. What makes it relevant for prosecutors and the wider community to be informed of its existence is the authority vested in an item of information to justify or disprove whether the accused is guilty or not. All lawyers believe that a difficult job is “finding evidence.” Knowing what constitutes facts as well as how the proof is interpreted and checked in the Court is also highly significant. Evidence law includes the laws and legal standards governing evidence and the permissibility of evidence in any legal case. It decides what facts in a court of law must or should not be taken into account. A uniform collection of legislation was implemented by the Indian Proof Act. A successful lawyer is expected to have on the tips of his fingertips the laws of proof inserted into the Evidence Act.

In order to decide the essence of the facts that can be used during court hearings, this course by ManuLegal will make you learn about rules and restrictions offered in Evidence law. It stresses and treats the Indian Evidence Act as the basis on which the process and further review are examined. This course will support lawyers and learners as it gives them a leap method, from seeking proof to review, allowing them to be better versed in the trials. A key aspect in taking care of your rivals is learning quickly, and this program makes that easy. Since you’re not an attorney, but as part of your job, you also deal with facts from other people, or if you want to gain a better understanding of your own particular situation, you will also consider this training quite helpful and helpful.


Mr Abhimanyu Singh is a young, strategic and responsive academician and lawyer who is an expert in legal field having more than 6 years of experience in teaching, research and litigation. He graduated from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (NLU Patiala) and was the topper of criminal law group. He also holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Laws and awarded Bronze medal in his post-graduation.

He has cleared UGC-NET in Criminology (JRF) and in Law. His area of specialisation includes Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Justice Administration, Forensic Investigations, Cyber Crimes, Domestic violence, Family, Corporate, drafting & vetting of documents.

He has numerous publications in reputed national and international journals and he is the author of two eminent books on the subjects of Public International Law and Human Rights. He has also judged many national moot court competitions organised by prestigious universities across India.


This course would be of tremendous benefit to law school students, Judicial service,NET/JRF aspirants, advocates, research scholars, joinery in law firms and new to litigation or anybody interested in studying the Law of Evidence that is prevalent in our community.


  • The curriculum will examine each chapter of the Indian Evidence Act adequately and address the related provisions in depth. .
  • Not only can we provide you with a theoretical report, but our legal experts who have expertise in teaching, lawsuits and analysis will also teach basic training.
  • We will not only provide you a theoretical study, but also practical lessons will be taught by our legal experts having experience in teaching, litigation and research.
  • You will get personal attention and coaching from the trainer, and get individual feedback on the quality of work you produce.
  • Those who perform well in class will be recommended to top law firms for internships and jobs.
  • Presentation Skills: Powerpoint Presentation delivery, Oral Expression and Advance software for presentation.
  • Writing Skills: Formal Applications, Corporate Email Communication and Informal Communication.


  • E-Research Material: You will be sent soft copies of the study material templates alongside PPT’s.
    • Practical Experiments: 2 practical activities accompanied by written reviews will be performed.
    • Live Streaming Classes: The Legal Specialist will administer a live video based on an online lesson. In this lesson, you can make comments and get personal input. [In case anybody missed any of the seminars, documentation of the sessions would be available.]
    • Live Uncertainty Clearing: You can tell the professional questions; even have your query cleared live.
    • On a regular basis, tasks will be provided.


The elements that are covered by the curriculum are also the following—


Module 1- Introduction

This is an introductory module addressing subjects such as the qualities and forms of Evidences and their understanding, legal trials and courts, basic principles of the legal system, presumption laws.


Module 2- General and Specific Relevancies

This module deals with General Relevancies and covers topics such as the Res Gestae Theory, Collective Purpose, Motivation, Important and Unrelated Information, etc. Relevant Relevancies are often protected by this module that include the concept of admission and confession, Dying Declaration, Judgement of court when relevant, opinions, character and evidence that could be taken into consideration throughout the Judicial Notice..


Module 3- Evidences and Burden of Proof

This module addresses subjects such as the Basic Concepts of Oral and Documentary evidence, Public and Private Documents, production and effect of evidence, and rule of exclusion of oral by Documentary evidence. This module also covers the production and effect of evidence, burden of proof, rebuttable and non-rebuttable assumptions, assumptions of responsibility and choice, assumption of conclusiveness, classification of Estoppel..


Module 4- Witnesses and Examination of Witnesses

This curriculum covers topics relating to numerous Witnesses including competency and compellability of witnesses, Conspirator Testimony, Hostile Witness, Stupid Witness, etc. It also contains laws relating to examination, cross examination and re- examination of a witness, production of documents, the right to express an opinion of the jurors or assessors, etc.

DAY 5 – Doubt Clearing Session and Test

Duration of the Sessions: – 1.5 hours each day.


21-25th December, 2020


  • Certificates to all the candidates on successful completion of course by ManuLegal & Associates Law firm.
  • Paid internship opportunities in practical field with ManuLegal & Associates.


Actual Price: – Rs.799/-

Now available at: – Rs.499/-

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