Physical Proceedings Shall Start With Limited Hearings And Proper Safety Measures Shall Be Taken For The Safety

In August 2020, a Seven-judge bench of the Supreme Court has decided the resumption of physical hearing in the courts across the country. The Supreme Court has issued standard guidelines for the physical hearing of matters in the courts.

The hearing shall presume in such a manner that 3 court-rooms shall start off and shall be increased or decreased according to the situation of the court.

Some important questions related to the physical hearing were also answered.

  1. Who can enter the court?

Only a limited number of Advocates case related Parties-in-Person and Clerks for smooth functioning of the court shall be allowed in the courts. In some cases where the number of parties-in-person is more, then one Advocate on record and one Arguing Counsel per party will be allowed entry following the social distancing rules.

  • On what basis will the entry be granted?

A special hearing pass which will be issued by the Registry, on the basis of authorization by the concerned Advocate of the concerned case. And for each case there will be a different pass. One pass will be used for entry for only one case.

  • How will Entry into High Security Zone be granted?

Only Advocates of the concerned case, Parties-in-Person of the case and Clerks or other stakeholders, who have been issued passes shall enter the High Security Zone through the specified Gate, after subjecting themselves to proper testing and sanitization.

On entering the High Security Zone, the Advocates and Parties-in-Person would proceed to the vacant Court-rooms as may be designated for waiting for the court proceedings to start, and when it’s their turn to enter the concerned Court rooms where physical hearing of their respective case is scheduled.

On completion of hearing of their respective case, they may move out of the High Security Zone and then exit from the designated gates.