Justice Arun Mishra Turns Down His Farewell Invitation

Justice Mishra had sent back letters to both the Supreme Court Bar Association and the Confederation of Indian Bar who had sent him an invitation for his farewell function. In his letter, he states that he was grateful to have received this invitation and that he has always considered the Bar the mother of the judiciary and that it would have been a great pleasure for him to attend the same.

However, considering the present situation and sufferings of the world due to the COVID Pandemic, his conscience doesn’t permit him to celebrate his farewell function. Justice Mishra has added that he would visit the Bar once the situation normalizes and pay his respects.

There was a statement that was doing rounds on August 25, which stated that the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association would not organise a farewell for Justice Mishra. This was completely denied by President of SCBA, Dushyant Dave.

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh is Justice’s parent High Court where his father Hargovind Mishra was also formerly a judge. Justice Arun Mishra was formerly the Chief Justice of the Calcutta and Rajasthan High Court.