Directions Given by Delhi HC To Ministry of I&B Concerning The Movie: Gunjan Saxena

The Union Ministry for Information and Broadcasting has been directed by the Delhi HC to consider the plea of deleting or modifying the content as representation and the Division Bench further stated that the authorities should look into the matter and the claims made by the petitioner and to dispose of the same in accordance to the law.

The movie showed that Gunjan Saxena faced humiliating physical strength demonstrations but that wasn’t the reality. Even they depicted that she faces sexism and unfair treatment from fellow pilots of her unit and their commanding officer. Saxena is shown to have not been provided with a ladies changing room or washroom. The film further shows how she misses out on multiple sorties because of discrimination from the male officers at the Air Force base.

IAF requested Dharma production to modify and delete certain scenes and dialogues which were not only depicting the negative image of the Air Force but also ruining their status by portraying false and dishonest facts. The Dharma Production house has inserted a mere disclaimer in the movie and ignored the request of IAF.

President of Justice For Rights Foundation, Satyam Singh Rajput along with Deeksha Singh, Gaurav Yadav and Sanjeev Singh, final year law student of Delhi University through advocate Amit Sharma, Nagendra Benipal, Arti Singh and Jasmeet Ajimal filed the petition stating that some scenes and dialogues in the movie are factually incorrect, ambiguous and depict an unsuitable work culture to adore the screen character of the former Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena and the same is the exploitation of freedom of expression.

It has been prayed to the court to issue appropriate Writ/ Order/ Direction to the respondent to modify and delete the unauthentic and the false facts which are depicted in the movie and for the meantime put the stay on the streaming of the movie along with the issuance of an unconditional apology the Indian Air Force.