Violation Of Rule Of Law During Char Dham Project

A High Power Committee (HPC) was appointed by the Supreme Court to look after the damages caused due to the Char Dham Project and was allowed to ask the Environment Ministry to take strict actions. The HPC said that the violation is to the extent that it seems that “the rule of law does not exist”.

Ravi Chopra, the chairperson of HPC, sent a letter to the Ministry of Environment on 13th August to attract their attention over the long-term damage being caused to the Himalayan ecology by felling trees, dumping muck, cutting hills, etc. without any valid permission. He sent two reports to the Ministry to provide the remedies after proper examining of the project and ecology.

Although the Ministry held that we haven’t received any emails from Ravi Chopra and if such would have been received we would definitely look into the matter. The HPC in his report laid down about the various violations.

Meanwhile, the group of around 13 members opposed Ravi Chopra over the matter of the hill roads. They said that the violations are laid down in the report and now the Supreme Court should further decide the matter.

While Ravi Chopra said that he went with the minority group because the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has itself laid down the circular in 2018 regarding the intermediate carriageway of 5.5 m for hilly terrain.