Petition Filed in SC Over Derogatory Remarks on Judges on Social Media

Addressing a petition submitted by Dr Subhash Vijyan who have submitted that “Judges are not politicians and cannot defend themselves against attacks of imputation against them, alleging bias.” The plea has been made to seek the declaration that there is no freedom of speech and expression vis-à-vis pending matters before the court, except to the extent of fair and true reporting, the matter was heard by a three-judge bench comprising of J. Arun Mishra, BR Gavai and Krishna Murari, the court has been adjourned for 15 days and till the time the court has asked the Petitioner to conduct due research on the law regarding the same matter.

The main concern of the Petitioner is that lately Supreme Court and its Judges have become a go-to place for some of the advocates who waste the courts time and if are not satisfied go out in the media and make imputative remarks and motives on the Supreme Court Judges. Criticizing the judges to impute motive on the judges and make them appear bias in the public social media platform or public scrutiny is not healthy, the confidence of people rest in the judiciary which should not be shaken up.

This plea has been particularly made against the recent tweet by congress,  leader P. Chidambaran who have made certain tweets which alleges imputing motives and bias on the judges with regard to the Rajasthan Political crisis case pending in both the HC and SC.