Classes, exams will be held: Govt to House panel

The central government will not allow the “zero academic year” without any teaching or examination, Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare told to the panel.

Amit Khare also answered to the questions about university admissions, exams etc., where he said that the first-year students are expected to join from November- December and they would be having the classes and the examination. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss digital education during the period of the pandemic. During the meeting, the school officials informed about the different initiatives taken by the State to ease the digital or the online education by use of various mediums to reach the students such as community radio, district newspaper for teaching. One more issue was put before the panel which stated the data about the survey conducted by the CBSE associated schools which included Kendra Vidyalaya (KV), where around 60 per cent students from 1-12th standard were able to access the online class, another 30 per cent had limited access which was up to community radio and the TV channels and the rest 10 per cent students were having no access to the digital teaching.

Another thing was that “After the meeting, some officers indicated that whenever schools reopen, the government would want students of Class 11 and 12 to join first,” said another MP. The matter regarding the re-opening of the schools and universities was not discussed as it is uncertain when the pandemic would come to an end.