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About the Topic

Postmortem of politics

Aristotle said ‘Politics is the supreme science’. For many centuries, politics was considered as the moral instrument to secure power and authority. Many oriental and western civilizations kept it alive by giving it various temporal and spiritual interpretations. However, from the background of modern history to the perspective of the contemporary struggles between power and authority, it seems that, now, the ideal lifespan of politics is over. The corpse of politics is devoid of its moral soul. Why has this happened or why has this been happening? The answer to these questions will be evident only after the autopsy of politics. Which, clearly and surely, has to be done by us


  1. Speakers are allowed to speak in one of these three languages- English, Hindi and Urdu.
  2. Speaker has to stick to one language throughout their entire speech. Switching of language is not allowed in the competition.
  3. Maximum speaking time limit is 4 minutes and minimum speaking time is 3minutes.
  4. The use of unparliamentary words in the speech can lead to disqualification or non-consideration for the marking.
  5. Each participant will receive an email after registration in which the participant has to upload their video on the given link.
  6. Reading out entire speech from the paper is not allowed, However, one can carry a short note for reference.
  7. The camera should be adjusted in the right position while recording your speech, otherwise disturbed or unclear video will not be considered.
  8. Speech video should be recorded in one go – Any type of Editing, Trimming or Cuttings in a video is not allowed.
  9. If the participant’s video is made of the lateral camera instead of a vertical camera, then it will be much better and appreciated.
  1. The judgement of all the speeches in the three languages will be mixed. The best three speeches of the competition will be awarded.
  2. Speakers will be judged on the basis of -Clarity of the topic , Content, Language and Presentation of the views.
  3. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
  4. The last date for registration is 16 August 2020.
  5. Each participant has to send the registration fee of Rs. 50 / – to 8881851944 on “Phone Pay”, “Google Pay” or “Paytm”
  6. “Popular Speaker of India Award”
    The award will be selected solely according to the fame of the contestant’s speech on YouTube. In which the likes and views on the speech and the total time frame for viewing the speech will be its basis.

Cash Prizes

  • First prize: 11000, Trophy, Medal and Certificate
  • Second prize: 7100, Trophy, Medal and Certificate
  • Third Prize: 5100, Trophy, Medal and Certificate

Popular Speaker of India

  • 5100, Trophy, Medal and Certificate
  • Internship Opportunity with renowned institutes and organization with exciting coupons.
  • Participation certificates will be provided to all the participants.

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