New Delhi Bar Association alleged Misappropriation Of National Relief Fund

A complaint was filed on July 31 accusing the Executive Committee of the New Delhi Bar Association (NDBA) of acts of cheating, fraud and misappropriation of funds related to the National Relief Fund. It is submitted in the complaint that the funds collected were only supposed to be transferred to either the Prime Minister Relief Fund or the State Relief Fund. The discrepancy in the fund is off more than ₹9 crores which have been taken out from the National Relief Fund without showing any transfers to either the PM Relief Fund or the State Relief Fund.

As per the constitution of the NDBA, the President of the Secretary or the Treasurer is responsible for operating the account and hence if the said allegation is proved then they shall be held liable. Bar Council of India is directed to issue a notice in this matter also and a copy of this complaint will be sent to the Executive Committee of New Delhi Bar Association to which the committee has to reply within a period of 21 days.