A writ petition was filed by Bilaal Ahmed Syed who enrolled in the Bar Council od the State of Andhra Pradesh. The petition seeks to either exempt the exam for enrolled advocates or admit all of them and declare them All India Bar Examination qualified in the wake of the rising Corona virus cases.

The petitioner who approached the High Court of Andhra Pradesh had appeared for the AIBE examination held in September 2019 during which the Bar Council with held the results of about nine centres all over India citing complaints and irregularities. These candidates were asked to reappear for the examination in 2020.

On 16th May 2020, the BCI declared that the exam will be held on the 16th of August 2020. Later on 30th July, this date was postponed indefinitely. The petitioner states that due to the date changes, immense prejudice has been faced by advocates like him who are not able to file a vakalatnama. The lack of AIBE qualification also is making them ineligible for various welfare funds announced by the State Government for practising advocates.

He brings forth the method of the promotion being used by all law schools in India up to 4th year and prays for the BCI to follow a similar method for the AIBE. The petitioner also prays that the AIBE be exempted from being held this year and all enrolled advocates are declared AIBE qualified.