Advocate files a Plea against Kerala HC Order, ask for VC Facility.

The Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice Ashok Bhushan, MR Shah and SK Kaul closed a writ petition after it directed the Solicitor General to file a report to seek general instruction from the Kerala High Court on its order for re- commencement of Physical appearances before the High court for filing of application, petition before the High Court except the bail Petition and appearances before a single Judge bench which came to effect from 6th July.

The writ Petition was filed by PG Arwind before the SC to quash the order of the High Court mandating the re- appearance, the counsel raised the issue that the e-filing of application be provided in all nature of cases and should not just be limited to filing e-bail.

Analyzing the situation the SC recognizes that such a mandate could not be effectively initiated in the ongoing pandemic situation, the SC taking note of the Counsels Petition, directed the filing of the Report by the Solicitor General. The report has clearly entailed that “If any of the Advocate seeks to hear through video conferencing, in a case pending before a Division Bench or a Single Bench, the Registry has assured that facility for the same will be provided.” The SC has closed the WP to the satisfaction of the council as the grievance of the Counsel has been addressed effectively.