Interview With Advocate Smeeksha Pandey

Advocate Smeeksha Pandey is an ambitious and goal-oriented Legal Practitioner who believes in connecting with the students and imparting her knowledge and experiences with them. She had a remarkable law school journey that every law student will not only relate but will be able to learn from her experiences. She aims to bring a positive change and evolution in society. We at Team Lex Auxilium are delighted to present you all with the insights of our conversation with our Guest Speaker Advocate Smeeksha Pandey. Read more to know about her experiences.

1. Good Morning, Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

– I will define myself as a Bohemian soul and a serial chiller. I was always an average student back in school and colleges (Undergraduate and Masters) I think that was one of the best things happened to me as I learned a lot about life, people, society, culture apart from my law books of course(except CPC and now practising Civil Law ) so life teaches you at the end don’t worry. I like to take an easy way out of situations, people and places …. Always keeping a room for growth, unexpected and learning… A-Z plans not always work and you might also chill a bit. Nowadays I see a lot of people trying to think inside the box, some outside the box; I am very intrigued person as to where this box is!

2. What was your motivation behind pursuing Law as a career?

It was never pre-planned or even an ambition to be a lawyer. In my 12th class, I had Math Science as my core subjects and I had sensed that this field is not the one I would like to pursue in life and this realization brought me towards the field of Law. In my second year of Under graduation I felt that this the correct field for me as I started reading, researching and discovering myself as a lawyer; as a law student to I was more interested in the application part of it and participated in moot courts, debates, Med-Arb Competition.

When I started interning in various fields of law like litigation, corporate, NGOs I got an understanding as to litigation is my choice of field and I decided to pursue in the same direction henceforth. The Courtroom craft has always attracted me but at the same time I have academician family background and the field keeps distracting and seems like calling me (haha in my head for sure)

3. Back in law school what kind of co-curricular activity grabbed your attention the most? (Researching, Mooting, Debate etc.) ?

– Back in the days, internships and writing research papers caught my attention the most among all the other activities. I participated in various moot courts as well to get acquainted with court craft and get the much-required feels of litigation. So according to me, you need to maintain a balance and do it all in order to decide what works best for you.

4. According to you, how can law students make most out of their student life to prepare themselves for their future?

Every batch has a mixed bag of individuals with different interest field some just want to mug up the theory, some are good speakers, some don’t even turn up to attend classes and 75% attendance becomes a distant dream …… I will suggest maintaining a balance between all 3 types … study to pass well, maintain decent marginal attendance so that you don’t have pressure and just pass. I managed all of it by just keeping time handy. I studied enough to pass exams, wrote a research paper every alternate semester and had fun and enjoyed with my friends too. Always remember all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Be a jack of all trades and master none because by the end of the course you will eventually be Hons. in one of the basket course for sure. (Pun intended)

5. Generally, it is said that it can be pretty tough to establish oneself as a litigating lawyer. Please share some of your experiences on the same.

– Litigation is a demanding field and you have to be very focused and invested in your profession indeed. At each step, you have to have a clear picture as to what your focus is and how to go about each case. Each case requires a different approach and level of hard work. One has to be open to the possibilities of growing and learning with each case. You always have to keep a check that the cases you associate and the organisation you are a part of add up to your equity and integrity and this is only possible through conscious efforts.

6. What according to you a law student should do to extend a helping hand towards the society? 

– I think law students from their second year should start organizing legal aid programs for minimal price or free of cost if possible in their local area around where their colleges are situated or in their hometowns. Charity always begin at home and if law schools take the legal aid programmes seriously this will not only help students to learn and appreciate the practical part of the law but less privileged people who are unaware of their rights and duties and have no feasible access to legal advises can benefit from these programmes. This will make the entire country legally sound.

7. What positive changes have you observed in our legal system due to the outbreak of this pandemic?

– It has shown a mixed situation. On the one hand, the technology is improving and Virtual Courts are a part of daily life. Artificial Intelligence is catching eyes of the masses but we have a long way to go. There are other things which need a lot of work and development at the same time like clients getting used to virtual courts, proper setup and ground rules for the same, economic support to first-generation lawyers etc.

8. What advice would you like to the law students during this time of pandemic? 

– Read good books based on law. Marks and knowledge go hand in hand, attend webinars on only those topics which interest you, there’s no competition and life should be easy going. Do a fair and good internship. It’s ok to live life at a slow pace like this year. Anyways no one can rush through life in general, it’s ok to evolve slowly. Just make sure you are more intelligent today than you were yesterday. Reading one lesson each day on any good legal topic or course is all you should be doing. Be happy, safe and keep growing. Be confident and be the soul of the place wherever you stand. Don’t worry about the Alma Mater as this field is all about the individual you are and what you dare to bring to the table. Be professional and humble. Always be ready with your legal advisory and never hesitate to help. What goes around will definitely come around.

Interviewed by: Kashish Khurana

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